A special program for dogs suffering from anxiety and fear. We are100% dog-friendly and force-free. 

WildFlower built a program that not only helped Ollie, it gave us hope to have a normal life again.
— Clare and Michelle

your canine coaching team

A highly effective and force-free program that is built around more than just solving the behavioural issues. We recognize that people bring dogs into their lives for personal and special reasons and we build our program accordingly.

  • on-leash aggression

  • signs of growing fear and anxiety

  • dog-dog aggression and dog-human aggression

  • resource guarding

  • handling issues

  • phobias (noise, objects and more)

Designed for dogs suffering from anxiety, fear and aggression. We work with your family and dog to design a 100% dog-friendly behavioural modification coaching program and provide hands-on training and assistance.

Our coaches have one of the best track records in the industry and we have years of experience with all levels of aggression, including human-directed.


Breathe easy

In-home behaviour consult and coaching program: $560 + HST. Includes a package of 4, one hour sessions.

  • Our program utilizes a comprehensive framework that ensures we understand the goals and issues you face with your dog.

  • Our force-free methods encourage trust. We focus on teaching your dog how to relax and feel safe within environments that have previously caused an anxious / fearful response.

  • We work with you in your natural home environment to address issues and to educate and train all family members.

  • Our sessions are not all talk. We get to work, actively demonstrating and coaching you to work differently with your dog.


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