Working Through Anxiety and Fear

Help your dog reduce their fears and stress using 100% humane dog-friendly techniques.
Now available in the Greater Toronto and Greater Hamilton Areas.


Understanding anxiety, fear and aggression

Anxiety, fear and the manifestation aggression are not conscious choices for your dogs. They are an emotional and biological response to something in the environment or even coping mechanisms your dog is using to stay safe. Much like humans, our dogs will flip into fight or flight when pushed too far.


management and behaviour modification

Any program that aims to address fear and aggression must involve changes to your dog's environment in order to reduce how often they are in the presence of triggers while also giving your dog new tools to cope. Our behaviour modification plans use the latest science to help reduce thresholds, build resiliency and most importantly strengthen the relationship between you and your dog.


it all begins with an in-home consult

A two hour in-home behavioural consult costs $300 plus HST. This includes two certified trainers, hands-on consultation and coaching for you and your dog, a customized behavioural modification plan based on the triggers and environment.