Launching Our New Video Series

I would rather have cookies in my jacket pockets than a chain around my dog’s neck.
— Pat Miller, The Power of Positive Dog Training

It's been a long journey, but we are super happy to be able to launch the first of our new protocol videos below.

Please note that all of our protocols are designed to be used only after a consultation with a certified behaviour consultant.

The Wildflower CC&D Protocol

This is level one of our Counter Conditioning and Desensitization (CC&D) protocol. Research shows that a high rate of trigger presentation done in small bursts and followed by short breaks is the most effective way to create an emotional association in any mammal. This protocol enables you to maintain this high rate of trigger presentation and also helps to break contact with the stressor so as to help your dog stay well under threshold.

At it's core, CC&D is about turning a previously stressful stimulus into a reliable predictor of a new emotional state. We are using super high value food to generate the emotional state we wish to associate with the presented stressor.

We owe this technique to Pat Miller.

Link to video on YouTube.