Good Dog and Puppy Coaching Package


Good Dog and Puppy Coaching Package


Package of four, 1 hour in-home behaviour consult and training:

Four customized, in-home coaching sessions. A program that is built to meet your relationship goals and to ensure your dog and family have the tools to build an amazing relationship with your dog.

    • Save 20% by buying a package of four sessions
    • Perfect for your family and pup to learn all the basics!
    • We work with you and your dog in your normal home environment to educate and train all family members.
    • Your canine coach works one-on-one with you and your dog to understand and build a program specific to your shared needs.
    • Your dog gets to learn new behaviours that are incompatible to things like jumping on the counter or strangers, stealing cheese buns, goosing grandma, or chasing the cat (to name just a few of your possible frustrations).  

    Once you have purchased this package we will reach out by email or phone to coordinate the first in-home session with you.

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    • We start with understanding the relationship you yearn to have with your dog and we make this the centre of our program
    • You’ll learn how to communicate with your dog in a language you both can understand in the comfort of your own home. 
    • Our force-free methods foster trust and encourage your dog to think.
    • Your dog will look for polite and socially acceptable ways to interact with you.
    • You’ll gain a deep understanding of your dog’s needs and how to set them up for success.
    • Training can be fun when you see just how much your dog can learn at any age. It’s limitless!

    Our coaches have one of the best track records in the industry and we have years of experience with the best force-free methods grounded in the science of behaviour change.