What is a Behavioural Coach?

In simple terms, we are dog trainers that speak human and dog. We work to understand the relationship you yearn for with your dog. And then we build a program to help you speak dog and apply the principles of behavioural change in a fun and effective way.

Flexible happy training Packages

1 hour, in-home coaching and training: $120 + HST

Perfect for puppies, good manners and good dog coaching. Packages are available for multiple sessions at a discounted rate. Not appropriate for aggression or when there are growing signs of fear or anxiety in your dog.


Anxiety and fear behavioural consults

In-home behaviour consult and coaching program (3 sessions): $560 + HST

A highly effective and force free program built around more than just solving the behavioural issues. We recognize that people bring dogs into their lives for personal and special reasons and we build our program accordingly.

Designed for dogs suffering from anxiety, fear and aggression. We work with your family and dog to design a 100% dog-friendly behavioural modification coaching program and provide hands-on training and assistance.

  • on-leash aggression

  • signs of growing fear and anxiety

  • dog-dog aggression and dog-human aggression

  • resource guarding

  • fear of husbandry tasks

The first session is 90 minutes to 2 hours. And there are two follow-up sessions. We include email and phone support in between. Our coaches have one of the best track records in the industry and we have years of experience with all levels of aggression, including human-directed.



Find out why so many people in Toronto are turning to us as their Canine Behaviour Coach.

GET HELP TODAY WITH A Free twenty Minute Phone Consult

We help you and your dog communicate better using force-free positive reinforcement. To do that, we need to understand the relationship you yearn for with your dog. You will learn what you dog needs to enjoy a healthy and enriching life and your dog will learn to offer behaviours you like.

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WildFlower Dog Training made life so much better for EVERYONE in our family, dogs included.
— T. Convery