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Cara Gerstein, Pat Miller Certified Trainer, PMCT

Cara’s journey to become the founder and owner of WildFlower Dog Training began at a very young age. As a toddler, she fell in love with Zenny, a loyal German Shepherd her family brought home to be an outdoor “guard dog". However, Zenny and Cara became inseparable. Wherever Cara went, so went Zenny.  When she was four years old, Cara befriended a cow in Newfoundland. There was something so kind and curious about this cow named Pet.  After university, Cara moved overseas to teach English. She was fascinated with how humans learn a new language. It had so many similarities to her own efforts to learn how to speak dog, cow, chicken, rabbit, cat, hamster and of course human. Cara felt pulled toward working with animals, but didn’t yet have an outlet. She began a successful career in the corporate world but something was missing. One day in 2008 a soulful gentle Labrador Retriever pup named Charlie Tank arrived in Cara's life and changed everything. One look into this pudgy puppy's eyes and Cara knew what she had to do and it had nothing to do with cubicle life. Today, Cara is one of the few and highly regarded Pat Miller Certified Trainers in Canada and continues to expand her certifications and knowledge. 

Cara started WildFlower Dog Training to teach you to speak dog. We believe loving and trusting relationships begin with speaking the same language. 

Meet Charlie and Tyson

Charlie is a beautiful female Labrador Retriever who has been with Cara’s family since she was 8 weeks old. Charlie is typical of her breed, she loves to eat, swim and fetch a tennis ball all day long. She also has superb “mama bear” skills which make her a perfect decoy dog when a client’s dog is fearful or anxious in the presence of other dogs. 


Tyson is a very handsome husky mix who joined Cara’s family when he was one year as a rescue. At first Tyson seemed complicated. Just getting him to eat on a regular basis was a gargantuan task. This guy is a perfect example of the importance of working with your vet to determine if there are health issues affecting behaviour. Four years later he is a healthy and happy dog who loves to tuck his snout in his favourite human’s lap. Regal Tyson is quite a character, always looking for love and affection on his terms. In our home we respect that.


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