Raelan and Bea

"Thank you for helping us build a force-free relationship based on trust, respect and love. Your passion and knowledge makes me confident that Bea and I are in good hands and we look forward to our weekly sessions. 

"Wildflower makes it really easy and enjoyable for both Bea and I to learn new cues. Cara always explains any behavioural questions I have, and is able to modify learning techniques in ways that work for us. It's really rewarding to see Bea understand what is being asked of her and that moment where she's able to make her own decision!"



Trish, Greg and family

"We engaged Wildflower to help us with our 5 year-old Goldendoodle Cooper. Our dog is an energetic and happy boy and was having trouble with greeting visitors to our home – often eagerly jumping and providing unwanted kisses before visitors even made it through the door. After working with Cara for a few weeks, our family learned many new tricks so we could be better humans and in turn, this allowed Cooper to greatly improve his welcoming skills. It’s an ongoing process. We are very grateful to Cara for her advice and tender approach. Meanwhile, Cooper continues to look out the window hoping for Cara to return!"


stpehanie, JEFF and George

"So George had to go to the vet. He went up to everyone wagging his tail and smiling and he wanted to explore everywhere. He took treats from the vet. We were shocked."


Erika and Koba

"My Koba is a changed dog. We meet dogs on the street how on leash and he is 95% of the time the better behaved dog. He squeals with delight and only barks when other dogs initiate aggression."


Trish and Hugo

"Thanks for helping us be good humans for our furry boy."