Recommended Resources

Some of our favourite resources collected in one place for your convenience.


CC&D Protocol

This protocol is designed for use after a consultation with a certified behaviour consultant. It covers our current method of Counter Conditioning and Desensitization (CC&D). This is level 1 of the protocol. Later levels include using sounds and other senses and also introduces a start button behaviour to give your dog greater agency in the process.

Link to video on YouTube

Simplified BAT Protocol

This is a great introduction to the simplified BAT protocol we use at Wildflower Dog. Please note that this protocol should only be used after a consultation with a certified behaviour consultant. Up with Pup was Sean's company before he joined Wildflower Dog.

Link to video on YouTube


The ladder of aggression

Dr. Kendal Shepherd, BVSc., CCAB, MRCVS created a great handout on the Ladder of Aggression and why it is so pertinent to the work we do regarding fear, anxiety and aggression.

Link to Ladder of Aggression (PDF)


Books We Highly Recommend


The Power of Positive Dog Training by Pat Miller

A great resource for learning the basics of positive-reinforcement and force-free training with your dog.

Treating Separation Anxiety in Dogs by Malena DeMartini-Price

A great resource for those struggling with separation related issues from distress to full-blown separation anxiety.

Love Has No Age Limit, by Patricia McConnell and Karen London

A great resource for anyone welcoming an adopted dog into their home.